Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Been a While

- I actually lived to see a person of color elected President. Oh, how I wish my grandparents were alive to witness history being made.
- Disappointed about the passage of Prop. 8. *sigh*

- Royally pissed-off by the fallout of the passage of Prop 8. I have mulled over the reports that blamed the passage on of Prop 8 on Blacks trying to figure out what it the best way to address it as an African American woman who voted against the proposition as did my Mother and sister, the latter protested before the votes were cast and in a Republican-leaning area at that.

Three things: 1) Divide and conquer is alive and well; 2) Putting blame one group will only blow up in your face in the end; and 3) My heart goes out to Black gays and lesbians. No one asking them what they think. How ironic actually.

Perhaps I will elaborate on all of this at later date. I will say one thing, this will be the Civil Rights Movement of my generation.

- Things are on the up and up at work. I have been given new responsibilities which in the end will only help me 'cause, sorry Dad, I'm not going to apply to law or grad school.

- Never again.

- Obama is being criticized for not bringing change into Washington because he is picking old Clinton folks to be in his administration. I find it to be quite smart considering the Clinton administration left us with a surplus.

- The flight for honeymoon has been booked.

- UCLA Football has been - ugly. Thank God for college b-ball.

- Not looking forward to West Coast-hating announcers though.

- Thanksgiving is this close. For the first time, Mr. Jessebel will be accompanying me to my trip up North. Considering the recent events that have taken place, there should be lots of interesting discussions this year.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, I did.

My ballot was sent almost 2 weeks ago but I'm still overcome with anxiousness as the results trickle in. Mr. Jessebel sent me an article today that accurately describes my experience and feelings regarding the entire election process. Here's to hope.