Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Confessions of a Bored Bride

1. I have absolutely no desire to see Bride Wars.

2. I've been on a 3+ month hiatus from planning the wedding - by choice. I'm slowly making my way back.

3. My excitement for the honeymoon far exceeds the wedding.

4. I once cheated on my wedding gown with this Jezebel.

I even went as far as to call bridal salons to find out how much she cost. Not worth it.

5. I still check out other gowns because after the wedding I will have no business doing so.

6. I constantly change my mind when it comes to floral. So. many. choices. I want them all.

7. I kind of, sort of don't like the bridesmaids dresses. More on that later.

8. My biggest fear is that no one will dance at the wedding. I know my family, Mr. Jessebel's family, and our friends. They like to drink and mingle, but dance? Nope.

9. Do we have to dance in front of everyone?

10. I'm not inviting any co-workers to the wedding...and I don't feel bad about it. The wedding doesn't need anymore awkwardness.


Michelle said...

oh wow, that is a very, very pretty dress...man. I think you should do what ever the hell you want, if I had co workers, to the wedding the would NOT have gone :P

Teej said...

i love this dress. i want it. now. i have no plans to get married. just want to own it. gorgeous.