Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mr. Jessebel: "In college, your procrastination was amusing but now - at 26 - it's starting to get ridiculous."

Me: Sitting on the bed. Computer on my lap, multiple tabs on the screen including the almost completed program, place card name list, blank page for a would-be menu, among other things - formerly passed out. Oh, with plans to work the next day and half of Thursday.

This morning, I took Thursday off. Procrastination is a PC-way of saying CPT.

Still have loads to do.

Still need to write about some stuff before this Sunday.

Thank goodness I hired a coordinator. Any couple getting married NEEDS to hire one. Well, not really but they certainly do help especially for folks like myself.

More stuff later.

Another reason why I love LA, I'm going on my lunch to get my brows waxed.

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