Monday, May 25, 2009


The Jessebels are MARRIED! Wee!

It's official. Our Facebook profiles prove it (ah...technology) as does our wedding yesterday. The wedding turned out fabulous but not for the things that I stressed out about for the last 2+ years. Instead, it was two families, excuse me - our family - together in one place and dare I say, genuinely having fun. Our friends from different backgrounds, ages, cultures, orientations - a beautiful representation of how well our family raised us - kept it real by not only drinking, laughing, talking, dancing but reminding us how lucky we are to even have the oppurtunity to marry. Our wedding had its own Soul Train line that almost everyone participated in! The guests even danced to the slow songs. Personally, I hate slow dance songs. I'd rather party!

It's stuff like that makes some of things that went wrong or didn't come out the way that I had wanted not even matter. Our guests had fun and we were showered with praises of the wedding (ahem, and how some of us looked) all night long. Everything was so worth it.

Today, we will be packing for our honeymoon in France. Seven days in Paris and 3 days left up in the air to do whatever strikes our fancy. Honestly, we were more excited about our kick-ass honeymoon than wedding but the trip will just be the ice cream to go along with the cake (sorry, not a fan of cherries). I plan on eating lots of carbs, embrace my inner carnivore, and checking out lots of museums (dude, the Louvre is a block away from the apartment we're staying in) cause we Jessebels always pay homage to our nerd roots.

Pictures and commentary about the wedding and the trip when we return.

Now for breakfast in our hotel room.


Tahoebound2009 said...

Can't wait for the photos and recap! I'm so glad everything went well with the mixing of families. It gives me high hopes for mine.

Hope you're having a fabulous time in France!

karri said...

Bestest Wishes and have a fabulous time!