Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fiercely Random

I saw Christian Siriano today at, of all places, a stationery store during lunch.

Naturally, I looked like a hot tranny mess.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Veil of Doubt

I know it's been ages - hi! The diva arrived safely here in SoCal a month ago. Currently, she's getting pampered at the home of alterations extraordinaire, Mahtab. Dude, I'm not one to follow the herd when it comes to reviews or service but Mahtab really has transformed my dress from awkward to aww yeah.

Anyway, as the date gets closer (a month from this Friday), the little details, as they say, are starting to come into play. My mind has been all. over. the. place. when it comes to this wedding. Making a choice then sticking to it is hard. With that said, I just made a decision on of all things my veil. I never, ever thought I would be one of those girls who mulled over a piece fabric but um, it happened.

I have always loved the look of mantillas - beautiful, romantic, and timeless. After my rude awakening during my dress shopping experience, I thought any lace would make me look matronly so the idea was dropped. Plus, with a dress made of dotted organza, I figured a mantilla wouldn't fit. With all of this in mind, my sights turned to the simple and demure drop veil.

The drop veil by the posterchild Knottie srpro.

I loved how soft and sheer brides looked with this veil. Then, one day I was minding my own business when this picture popped up:

Grace Kelly wearing a beautiful and romantic mantilla drop veil.

My interest was piqued. So I decided to google "mantilla veils" when this site popped up. The largest selection of mantilla veils I had seen but with ehhh prices. My mind was set on the veil, just not the price.

Not too keen on the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on tulle, I contacted a popular vendor in SoCal (yeah, I remember what I just wrote) to schedule an appointment to try on different lengths. Well, another rude awakening occurred. Since I wanted a chapel or cathedral length mantilla, there was a concern that the veil would not be made in time due to sourcing and receiving the lace. After all, I did spend far too much time making up my mind on this thing. I offered to purchase the lace on my own (12 yards for the cathedral length) during my already scheduled trip to Downtown LA. I didn't find any lace that "wow" me but purchased some yards anyway (I'll find something to do with it) cause I was bent on not spending that much money. Now you know where this is going. It's tulle. Why spend sooo much money on something that will only be worn for the ceremony and pictures? But, another way to look at it - the Wedding Industrial Complex view is: Well, I didn't get Loubs or Manolo's for my shoes so, I'm due for an "extravagant" expense.


I was a sistah in turmoil. Well, not really, but I was indecisive as ever until Mr. Jessebel made (and continued to do so during my quest for lace trim) a wise observation, "What difference does it make? If you go to the local vendor you don't save that much money and it's second best. Just buy the veil from the online shop." Well, that's all I needed. Reaffirmation from the man behind the Excel sheet. After all, he was right. If this was a plain veil then things would be different but instead it's a long veil that entails stitching lace all around the edges. The lace makes the veil when it comes to mantillas. My mind was made - to purchase the veil from the online retailer. Now came the decision: which veil? I love creating hurdles for myself...not.

This veil started it all.

Can you see why?

The second choice:

Soft lace to go with my equally soft and flow-y dress.

Last night, I made a choice then went back on it this morning...to go with the other veil. I doubted 'till the very end. Which one was it? That's for me to know and you to find out after the wedding. Suspense is good.