Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peter Pan

It's been over a month since the wedding. Wow. And amazingly, life indeed stills goes on after planning it. Who would have thunk it?

My birthday came and went last weekend as I turned 27. Not to sound like the proverbial on-the-cusp-between-Gen X/Y-who-not-only-believes-in-the-quarter-life-crisis-but-now-is-sad-that-the-phase should has past but....ugh. I hope that didn't sound emo. Ah, but it did. Where did the time go? Oh, and the plans for my 10 year high school reunion have officially started per the creator and former ASB president of the group on the Facebook. Yes, I was a member of the talent-optional group known as Student Government. Bah.

No birthday extraganzas this year (the wedding and honeymoon was suffice). Instead, I was treated to a bourgie but tasty breakfast at Pacific Dining Car (the creole benedict was delish). We only go here for the breakfasts -- the decadent and too pricey but still oh so good breakfast. Mr. Jessebel gave me another example of his thoughtfulness by surprising me with a special cake. At the wedding we had a dessert bar that featured 5 different cakes. I (eventually) had a slice from all but one flavor - dulce de leche - and was little disappointed. Yeah, now you know where this is going. The cake was bombsies -- so good that I wanted to eat a piece for a late afternoon treat the following Monday but thanks to CPT, never got a chance to pack myself a slice.

A Sweet Design came through once again.

...so I ate it for breakfast instead. Tee hee.

I hate to partake in the media frenzy, but Michael Jackson's death last week was a huge shock. Seeing MTV playing his music videos, actually, playing any videos was a shock. No reflective post from this so-called blogger cause there are many (and no, I'm not going to link any). However, because the man and I are prone to old people activities like watching the Sunday morning political shows together, here's a quip from This Week with George Stephanopoulos about Jackson as a child musical prodigy that only Michael Eric Dyson could come up with from the top of his head:

"...he [was]seen as a miniature adult wrapped in this, you know, chocolate cherubic face afro halo."

First funny, then sad.

Friday, June 12, 2009


:: I'm delaying the task of straightening out the wedding goodies/leftovers. Our designated storage room looks like the inside of a Ross on a Saturday afternoon.

:: Google Chrome kind of rocks my socks.

:: The current weather here in SoCal sucks. Now, I'm from NorCal and, therefore, not only used to gray days but actually like them however this is just ugly. It's June and it's Southern California. Bah.

:: Speaking of June, my b-day is coming up. The dirty 30 is inching up on me.

:: I want to wear my wedding gown again. Sue me.

:: Actually, I want to frolic in my gown. Impractical, yes but I can hide it under the guise of trying to earn my money back -- right?

I want to rock this veil. Oh. My. God.

:: Yes, I still follow photography blogs ( j'adore ) and some wedding blogs ( mostly floral ). Sue me.

:: Why have I been passing out on the couch before 9pm every single day this week? Note to self: Drink coffee before tonight's surprise birthday party at 9pm.

Goonies never say die.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Checking In

A few things before I start packing our luggage:

Paris is AWESOME but jeebus, we should have went to Tahiti instead. I see why couples go to a beachy/warm climate after the wedding...to relax. We've been walking, taking the M├ętro (LA NEEDS this) and the bus everywhere. We may actually lose weight after this trip.

This would have been perfect before the wedding. Ha!

I did buy some stuff today though. Yay!

We still have 4 days left but the trip will take a fresh direction as we move out of the apartment we've been renting tomorrow morning and checking into a hotel in a different district (hence the packing). I'm not going to lie, I like staying in hotels. Mr. Jessebel and I have been known to stay in a hotel for a night...in town. I can't wait! Don't get me wrong, staying in an apartment has been great for the whole "living like a local" experience but I hate having to clean up after myself on a trip, 'ya know?

We have over 700 pictures but I will post just one.

We had no desire to actually go on the Eiffel Tower (the lines are ridiculous and um, I'm afraid of heights) so seeing it in person was enough for us.