Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goals In Motion

My little sneak peek from Sunday? Just part of my gift from Mr. Jessebel for our former anniversary. He gave me 2 options: receive a floral arrangement or visit to the flower district to pick whatever items I want to make my own. I took the latter!

Random note: I visit the flower district at least once a month however, this was my first time visiting during the flurry of V-day. Since I'm a newbie, I figured that maybe the mart would be a little busier than normal. Nope, it was popping with lots of visitors. Luckily, I know my way around and had my eyes on some less popular items. My bounty of flowers included: ranunculus, ornithogalum dubium (or sun stars), freesia, wax flower, and some elusive Fair Bianca and Sweet Juliet garden roses. Considering the situation and timing, I pounced on the roses.

I finally played around with the DSLR only to discover some useful settings after taking pictures of the final products. Of the 3 I made, this arrangement was the man's favorite:

I'm really happy with the final product and for taking some pictures of it. Yay for goals!

1 comment:

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

ACK! I am LOVING those garden roses! OKay. I need to visit the flower mart with you to see your sources because these are gorgeous and your arrangement is WAY better than anything store-bought! xoxo!