Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Accessories: Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor? Yup, that store. I admit to owning some pieces because once upon a time, as a recent college graduate, I assumed that's where everyone bought their work attire. Times have a changed. In an effort to revive their brand (Katinka, no?), Ann Taylor is offering some fresh frocks to the plate. To my surprise, some of their accessories would work in a wedding. Who knew?

Clean and streamlined.

I like the addition of ribbon. That could be a DIY project.

Where were these when I was planning? Finding a decent pair of drop pearl earrings was tedious.

An unusual necklace with a subtle and pretty color for the wedding gown.

Dainty but still adds some pop.

I still wonder why I didn't just wear a pair of flats under my own dress from the get-go.

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