Monday, July 19, 2010

Lined Bookcases | Pretty Neat

Happy Monday afternoon! Yesterday, Mr. J and I ventured all the way to the South Bay to check out a spindle legged dresser and armoire we were interested in purchasing. I had spotted the lovely pair on Craiglist, and they seemed in great shape from the pictures. But, alas, in person the wood wasn't in great shape and some other not-before-seen details left much to be desired. Bah!

Honestly, it was for the best. Bedroom storage isn't our problem at the moment, as we don't have any clothes lying around due to lack of space. It's the lack of bookshelves that's starting to cramp our style.

I've mentioned it here before, but we continue to have quite a few boxes still packed and tucked into corners. Actually, we have so many that a few of the unsightly ones we have hidden in our closet. Oops. Our books, my magazines (Blueprint + Domino I will never let you go!), and some other items that I just can't part with are stuffed in those yet-to-be-unpacked boxes. We really need to get those things unpacked, so we don't still look like we are just moving in to our place (I think our new neighbor may already be settled, and we had a two month head start!).

Color choices for the room have been set and painting should be coming up soon, so I've been thinking of ways to add some touches of coral without too much exhaustive searching. Coral wallpaper is not an option for our rented space (who does that anyway?). Luckily, an old photoshoot I saved from Style Me Pretty was my saving grace: lined bookshelves. Who knew?

Styling: Gloria Wong, Photographer: Lisa Lefkowitz via Style Me Pretty

via Design Sponge
Concept, Floral and Styling: Megan Gray of Honey and Poppies, Photographer: Jessica Claire via 100 Layer Cake

Styling: Lo Bjurulf

Thinking about doing this? Directions can be found at Design Sponge and Rotten Cupcakes via Apartment Therapy. Paper Mojo, I finally have a reason to make my formal introduction to your fabulous inventory.

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goldenmeans said...

Sigh, these shelves (and the photos of them!) are just stunning! Thank you for sharing :)