Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreamy Wedding Dresses by Leanne Marshall | Charming Finds

I have a request: Someone… please wear this gorgeous wedding gown and send me pictures so I can live vicariously through you.

Julietta Wedding Gown by Leanne Marshall

Need some more convincing?
Julietta Wedding Gown by Leanne Marshall 2

Or maybe you prefer a shorter, flirtier number.
Bea Arthur Dress by Leanne Marshall 1

In the mean time, wouldn't this dress be perfect for any occasion?
Betty White Dress by Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall (yes) is the creative genius behind these delicate and well constructed pieces. Visit her Etsy shop: Leanimal  for some other beauties.


Karen said...

Oh my gosh, i saw these on etsy too! I looooove the first one. Sigh.

sanam arzoo said...

i found here pretty Wedding Dress Here that is appropriate for Bride , i prefer such a lot rattling color combination Thanks for sharing This diary .That is soooo pretty! i like the sq. cut layers. it's simply attractive. i actually just like the cut of the sleeves too! you've got an entire ton of talent. I all could not upset that a lot of layers. :) Thanks for sharing it with us! it's wonderful.

DESIGN said...