Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raniscript | Typeface Tuesday

It has been a long time since a font was featured on the site but today I felt inspired by the launch of a new design print publication.

Anthology Magazine was launched recently and to say I’m little intrigued is an understatement. It first caught my attention when Kris Atomic wrote a post on her illustration work for the first issue.
Anthology Magazine Cover
Illustration by Kris Atomic, Logo Design by Oh Joy! via Krisatomic and Oh Joy

I immediately recognized the script font used for the logo as Raniscript by Stephen Rapp.
Raniscript Font by Stephen Rapp
Image via MyFonts

It’s sort of like the cooler older sister to Fling.
Raniscript Font Sample
Image via MyFonts

Needless to say, I am the less cooler younger sister…

Check out a preview of the new Anthology Magazine here.

Raniscript is available for purchase at MyFonts and Veer.

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