Friday, January 29, 2010

Favorites from the week

My Reader is in serious disarray. I have so many tags for some many things that I forget why I saved them in the first place. Well, some not all. Instead of just saving stuff. why not just share them on here? Yes, I think that sounds like a plan.

This is adorable.

This is from last week (I will be sneaky like that) but I love this outfit, especially the boots.

It's time for a trip to the Flower District.

via decor8 The post resonates with me too.

Airy, crisp, and radiant... The good life indeed.
The Modern Type Now go see the rest!


Braid + Hermès? Yes, please.

That too.

Cotton used in floral decor? That's pretty crafty.
Jasmine Star Don't miss the groom's boutonniere.

No picture for this just - word.

Finally the weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Spy: Anthropologie

Thank goodness for Effortless Anthropologie and the resourceful community there. I learned a little a trick to locate items removed from Anthropologie's website thanks to commenter Chelsea. Yay!

Now on with it.

Once again, Stephanie Williams
P.S. Besides having cool name, this bride looks flawless.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some girls have all the luck

A girl after my own heart. One my favorite blogs to get lost in is The Cherry Blossom Girl. Alix, a freelance stylist and designer, is the person behind this little slice of heaven. Between living in Paris, her affection for Chloé (lucky girl interned for them), miu miu, and her sweet photography skills, it all makes a girl dream.

All photos from The Cherry Blossom Girl

Oh, Really? | Our Processional

All Photos by Sarah K. Chen

I entered this relationship on my own. We entered this union together.


I've been fumbling in the doldrums of wedding afterlife all because of one incident that took place during May. The incident stems from an area that I really would like to touch on after the recaps since there are many people who have experience in it... And, we get married too. So to make a long story short for now...

My Father told me through email that he would not be attending the wedding. He did this 3 weeks before the date and on my Mom's birthday.

It stung. The effects of a complicated relationship with one or both of your parents always do.

Ironically, in the email, my Father implied that only he could walk me down the aisle (being my Dad and all).

My Mother raised her daughters to think better than that.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Spy: Anthropologie

You know the drill.

Anthro (the name escaped me) shirt + Honeyed Peplum Skirt (also peeped here)

Soft Drapes Blouse + Ganache Pumps (can also be found here)

I'll be honest: She rocked it. Reed Shirtdress


And the most random sighting found via Jezebel, Anthro at the People's Choice Awards.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Motion: 2010 Goals


Step out of my comfort zone. This is can be any and everything. For the last few months, I've been sporting items that would have never crossed my mind a year ago; creating decent grocery lists and(!) making the dinners that they were intended; taking trips to previously uncharted areas that 7 years ago would tripped out this NorCal raised gal and I enjoy it immensely. These things are pretty mundane but the fact is that over the years, I have become all too accustomed to taking the easy route and have become too complacent. I really hope to continue this new streak well into the new year.


Bake something. Once upon a time, I used to bake...often. It was mostly cookies but sometimes cakes made special appearances. Over the last few years I haven't baked as often as I liked, much to Mr. Jessebel's chagrin. Three things made me want to start this up again: My Mom and sister missed my cookies, in honor of what would have been my late maternal Grandmother's 90th birthday I baked her favorite dessert, lemon meringue pie and just cause. The cookies I made for my Mom received a warm welcome during my Christmas visit while my lemon meringue -- well, the lemon custard was delicious. :) Eating and making someone's day a little brighter is a nice combination.


Learn how to use our DSLR. So last year, thanks to Circuit City's demise and a pending honeymoon, we bit the bullet and purchased an entry level DSLR (not at Circuit City cause their 30% reduced price was the same as Amazon's at the time huzzah). We took lots of pictures during the trip but ever since then, for fear of breaking it, we've kept the camera held up in our closet. That is no way to treat a camera. It's meant to be used or else it's pointless (unless it's vintage or something). So I'll learn what does what by taking lots of pictures. Random ones and maybe some staged ones too...


Taking more pictures with Mister. Next month it will be 6 years that we've been together yet we have very few pictures together besides the wedding related ones. That is sad. The man is not a fan of taking pictures but really, I think he's just shy. Aww, I want to drop kick that feeling. He loves taking pictures of me at my worst (terrible hair, mismatched loungewear, while sleeping) so I think he should humor me a bit.


Find a place that we will love to come to home to. Yup, we're in the market for a new pad. There is no way we're looking to purchase anything. That involves stability and to be quite frank, we both fear settling into a suburban life (our respective childhoods were enough). With that said, we are looking outside of the city but still close because we work and want to continue playing in LA. It will be nice to find a place and settle there for longer than a year, comfortably. It's the little things.

Honorable Mention

Learn how to make tortillas. Because warm fresh tortillas with melted butter sound delicious. Plus, I like learning things from Mr. Jessebel's g-ma...even though she didn't really show me how to make tamales that one time. My husband laughed as I was relegated to cleaning ojas. Hmph.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay, I have a confession. One of my goals for the new year is to post more on a consistent basis.

Now see, this is why I prefer goals over resolutions. You can always work towards your goals.

Yesterday, I planned on doing a post after making dinner (a really easy dish my Mom has done forever...with little effort) but totally passed out faster than a college student after their first night of partying on move-in day.

Uh, that was me 10 freaking-years ago. The dirty-thirty is around the corner!

Anyway, a post is coming tomorrow. Seriously. Now, because another one of my goals is to include more pictures, here is one that really caught my eye:

I'm totally digging this bride's style. I have no shame.

Happy New Year!