Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

No whatever, Monday today. Just a thank you to all those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Favorites From the Week

This week went by fast, thanks to a little milestone.:)

Next week, I'll be re-introducing a little item that I used post from time-to-time. Originally, I was going to post it this week, but the important part of the post (hint: pictures) proved to be a bit of challenge with the new place and all. Also, maybe, just maybe, I'll start a new weekly thing here on the blog which also involves picture(s). Okay, enough chatter. My favorites from this week:

A French version of Home Goods? A year too late for me...

My absolute favorite Huxtable kid: Denise! She was ahead of the game.

Soft romanticism in captured in a slightly eerily way...
Actually, I really love it...a lot.

We still need to paint luckily, this new favorite blog, A Perfect Gray, is providing lots of options...

And, in honor of opening weekend, set styling from SATC2...

P.S. I kind of want that rug.

P.P.S. Who am I kidding?

Have great Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anthropologie Dresses | Charming Finds

I don't think I have professed my love for dresses. Well, I kind of sort of live in them because they such an easy and versatile piece of clothing. Throw on a dress and most of the work is done. I love Anthro's sampling but honestly, we don't always mesh well, sadly.

There are always heart breakers in the bunch. I have yet to find a dress in a size 14 that works for me. If it's not my broad shoulders, it's the bust area. So for these two, it's probably for the best:

from left: Graphical Dress in blue; Roped-In Dress

Both in blue, both with nice details in the back, both already sold out in 14. Oh well.

However, I've had better luck with XL which usually means there's more room in the bust area. It may be too early to call, but if these are any indication, I may have a bounty this summer:

I have never been one for light dresses - the minute I look at a stain it's on my dress - but the Breakfasting Dress has enough details to make an exception. The Grand Island Dress (green? More like khaki) looks good but I fear it may not be flattering for a fuller bust. Oh, and the Camilla Dress, well, let's just say it will behoove me to not wait for a sale.

I couldn't pass up doing some wedding related picks. Really the choices are endless but these would be nice for a bridesmaid or as a guest. The best time to check out bridesmaids dresses from Anthro is Spring/Summer, naturally. After all, dress and wedding coincide.

I'm a girl who loves color...but sometimes...

I like to change it up. I want this dress, yesterday. The colors and detail are Chanel-esque while the style looks comfortable but with the right accessories can be dressy. The only thing standing in my way is that pesky sizing. Well, there's only way to find out...

I Spy: Anthropologie... Dress Edition

I spied some new arrivals on Anthropologie's site which has me anxious to add some dresses to my repertoire. Later this afternoon, I'll post some of my favorites. Until then, here are some pretty dresses spotted on some lovely photographer blogs.

Sarah K. Chen (My amazing wedding photographer!)

EDIT: *Thanks to Goldenmeans, correction made. Heads up still stands: Per my wishlist, a red In-A-Moment Dress in size 14 (style #933228) is available. Happy hunting!

P.S. Goldenmeans wrote another post some Anthro sightings on How I Met Your Mother this past week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sloop Script Three | Typeface Tuesday

Hey, I'm back to business. Yesterday, we had a simple but delicious anniversary dinner at Osteria Mozza. I figured that since the man once considered donning a Mario Batali costume for Halloween (orange crocs, yo) this would be a nice setting for a meal. I'm still salivating over the Burricotta with braised artichokes, pine nuts, currants & mint pesto. Mmmm... I want to go again just for the mozzarella bar.

Back to today's font, The first time I saw this font it what used by a fellow bride-to-be for her wedding stationery. I loved the slope-y glyphs and saw it used in different stationery from time to time. Since I didn't plan on using it, of course, I never caught the name... until today.

Sloop OT, how fitting.

image via MyFonts

Just a note, there are 3 variations of the Sloop OT: Script One, Script Two, and Script Three (these types also come in medium and bold to be found here). The one I'm familiar with is Script Three.

image via Font Shop

Needless to say, this is perfect a wedding.

You can find the font and it's variations at Font Shop and/or MyFonts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

1-Year Wedding Anniversary

Images taken by our awesomely talented photographer, Sarah K. Chen

Because sometimes, milestones happen on Mondays... I love you, [redacted]!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorites From the Week

This weekend I'll be playing catch up with my life...and gearing up for a milestone that has come rather soon.

Until then, some of my favorites...

I want the artichokes and that recipe card...

The high school girl in me just squeeeed. For the record: BBC version, please!

Pride and Prejudice Inspiration via Design*Sponge

This reminds of me Gumby. Don't ask me why...

A visit has been in order...

Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Spy: Anthropologie

So, Anthro's big sale was somewhat of a bust (I shamelessly set my hopes up for some knobs...and I would do it again!) Oh well, life goes on and my wallet lives another day. To see the complete list of sale items check out this list on Effortless Anthropologie. The beauty of the list is that most of Anthro items sell out pretty fast online however, some may still be available in stores. Armed with the item number that is also listed, just call customer service with the number to locate the item at a store.

Remember when I mentioned spotting Anthro on an episode of How I Met Your Mother? Well, another blogger, Goldenmeans wrote a post on How I Met Your Mother's Anthro-rific episode from this past week. It was comforting to know I wasn't out of mind for spotting some of the items in that episode.

This week's I spy is dedicated to something that I don't always spot - necklaces! I'm a fan of making a statement.

*Also spied in this session, the Aniseed Skirt

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Airy Saturation

Color + Grace = ....

Float Like a Butterfly by Andreas Sjödin for New York Magazine Feb 8, 2008 featuring Dancers Devon Teuscher and Melanie Hamrick  of the American Ballet Theatre, Styling by Harriet Mays Powell;  images via Noir Façade, source information via This Is Glamorous and Love Made Visible

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Collection of... Scalloped Edges | Killing Me Sofly

Thanks to the scrolls and flourishes featured earlier + the gloomy, cloudy weather outside, I have scalloped edges on my mind...

Astype Accolades Series A & B | Typeface Tuesday

Today I decided to feature something different than the usual font.

Say you want to add a little oomph to your basic text. Ornaments are one the easiest ways of doing just that. So, today's typefaces are...


All images via MyFonts

No "Typeface Tuesday" in the respective fonts... I don't have any cool programs to show the respective letters with ornaments.

You can find Ornament Accolades A here and Ornament Accolades B here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Anthropologie Knobs | Charming Finds

Word on the street is Anthropologie will be holding one of their biggest sales of the year tomorrow. Naturally, I'm really excited about it but I think this time my focus will be on the home, specifically hardware, rather than clothing since my wants are gone in my size. Hmph.

Well, I for one have always liked Anthropologie's knobs and always planned on incorporating them in our furniture. However, at $6 to $12 a pop, it's a pricey addition. So I'm crossing my fingers for some lovelies that have caught my eye, like...

Jewels to Zsa Zsa some IKEA stuff (don't judge!)...

From left to right: Button Knob in steel blue; Jeweler's Knob in pink

Bringing (or maintaining) that retro look in a kitchen or bathroom (well, less likely for me but maybe more likely for you)...

From left to right: Ceramic Melon Knob in linen; Mercury Glass Melon Knob in silver; Zinnia Knob, small in linen

Little pops of color...

From left to right: Rosy Knob in aqua; Festival Flower Knob, Sunflower in Pink; Urchin Test Knob in Coral

Or this birdie that has patented cute. I spy a future on a desk drawer...