Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clutches from Etsy | Charming Finds

Happy Tuesday Afternoon! Lately, I've been on this kick to re-organize some long neglected items one of which being my Google Reader(s). Yes, I have multiple that ironically were created to organize my reading list. During my purge, I came across an image that was the inspiration behind this post.

Image by Kristin Vining via Style Me Pretty

Clutches! They are such perfect accessories. Not only do they add the perfect pop of color or texture but, thanks to the handy size, they force you to edit your belongings. One of my favorite sources for one kind pieces is none other than Etsy. Here are some of my finds:

Enticing Embellishments....
Top L to R: Champagne Clutch w/ Pink Rosettes by Davie & Chiyo; Astor Green Satin Clutch w/ Flower Appliqué by Emma Gordon
Bottom L to R: Passion Green Clutch w/ Green Antique Brooch; Passion Green Clutch w/ Organza Flower both by Angee W. Design

I love the bold and simple design of this clutch...
Pink Poppy Satin-Lined Clutch by ViaBella

Pretty patterns by Red Ruby Rose who just happened to have designed the clutches the bride is carrying above...
Top L to R: Lily of the Valley Silk-Lined Clutch; Raindrop Silk-Lined Clutch
Bottom L to R: Bird and Rose Embroidered Silk Clutch; Pink Starburst Silk Clutch all by Red Ruby Rose

Monday, August 30, 2010

Green and Lavender by Maria Grossman | Monday Musing

Ever since I was a kid, I have always had this fascination with forests and lush greenery. As a child, my dream home was comprised of a cozy cottage on the lake bordered by small flower bushes in a landscape surrounded by trees. I blame it on an active imagination fueled by books and a suburban upbringing.

This set styled by Maria Grossmann reminds me of that dream I once had. There may be no cottage but the setting and styling lends me to imagine there is a one just along way.

Images by Monika Schüerle, Styling by Maria Grossmann

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Delicate Jewelry by Anthropologie | Charming Finds

California is currently in the midst of major heat wave - not always a good environment for lots of accessories. While I'm a fan of bold, statement accessories, of late my eye has been wandering for some lighter pieces. Here are some picks from one my favorite sources for accessories, Anthropologie:

Intricate and airy filigree...
from L to R: Filigreed Corolla Posts in gold; Sunshower Earrings in yellow

Dainty touches of color...
from L to R: Collins Sunset Earrings in purple; Out-Of-The-Blue Drops in turquoise

Light statements...
from L to R: Grandma's Treasure Trove Necklace; Anselle Necklace in nude; Conduit Chains Necklace

My absolute favorite of the bunch. The stones have a subtle, cooling feel...
Docile Bloom Bracelet in silver and gold

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Romantic Editorial | Afternoon Delight

With the day winding down and garden roses still on the mind, here are some snippets of an airy and glamorous editorial featuring some rosy touches...

Magazine: Country Living Australia
Photographer: Prue Ruscoe
Styling: Lara Hutton

Next Time... | Wannabe Wednesday

After a hiatus, I made my way to 7th and Wall for a visit to the floral district. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much because of the heat which is partially why I went in the first place (not all situations are ideal). Then, next thing I know, for the first time ever, (after lulling over some interesting foliage) I bought my flowers from one vendor and left. I didn't even venture across the street to visit the other warehouse. Normally, I like to do a once around just in case someone has something wonderful (for instance, one weekend, a small stall had some luscious phalaenopsis orchids). However, I do have some vendor preferences (thanks to trial and error, which is costly by the way). This visit I found some lovelies but for today I'm just going to show you one of them:

Sigh. While working on these pretties they got me thinking a few things:

1) I should have bought more!

2) Darn it, I should have bought that foliage!

3) Man, these roses deserved better. I need to get some more vessels.

4) I really should have bought that foliage if anything to try it out.

While I did lament about the missed opportunity with the foliage and another item (that would have made a beautiful match), I think these garden roses look good enough on their own.
Nothing but Maria Theresia Roses

Plus, there's always a next time.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Magazine: Vogue Italia June 2010
Models: Sedene Blake and Ayan Elmi
Photographer: Greg Lotus
Styling: Sara Maino
Make-up: Stephen Dimmick

Sorry for the lack of post today. Time escaped me while playing online catch up. Tomorrow I have two posts lined up with one being another addition to Wannabe Wednesday! See you then!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Afternoon Tea by Eva Lindh | Monday Musing

Yesterday, as I was prepping(!) meals for our little-to-no heat dinner week, I was reminded of my desire to can something. Seriously. Pickles are one of my favorite snack foods while recipes for savory and/or sweet jams has always been my "oh, I want try that some day" list. Don't even get me started on the packaging possibilities - fonts, fabric, paper, twine - our apartment would be a mess but it would be worth it to fulfill that untimely craving or to have a 'just cause' gift for loved ones. I guess I'll and that to my projects list, in the mean time, here's a set from stylist Eva Lindh to drive that desire home.

Photographer: Anna Kern
Stylist: Eva Lindh

Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally you come along... | Happy Friday!

Image from Anthropologie

Remember when I mentioned a little project I was working on? Well, it's finally here - welcome to Delicatessen!

Some of you may have already noticed the change with the new domain URL (speaking of which make sure you update your bookmarks!)

This change has been in the back of my mind for a long time. Thank goodness for Blogger's new-ish Template Designer and endless hours of HTML/CSS searches and trials (I figured since that's how I learned to create a 3-column layout nearly 2 years ago,  I could do something a little more complicated). Now that I have done it myself, next time, I will pay someone to do it. :)

When I revived my little hobby of blogging those years ago, my focus immediately turned to wedding planning. Truth is, while I can be languid with it, blogging allows me to immerse myself in other things when most of my time is spent working, commuting to and from said work, then spending the weekend recovering (on Saturday) then bracing myself (on Sunday) to do it all over again for the new week.

What I would give to be a freeloading teenager again but with my current adult sensibilities. No responsibilities + lack of teenage angst/insecurities = living the high life!

In an interesting twist, planning a wedding lead me to an entirely new world in blogosphere that didn't involve politics or social commentary. With the introduction to such wedding blogs as Style Me Pretty, Faye and Greer (sigh), Toast and Tables, The Bride's Cafe, Brooklyn Bride, etc which lead to design blogs like Oh Happy Day, Design Sponge, Decor8, Made By Girl, etc. well things haven't been the same. Now, with the change, it's more of an evolution of my overall interests. Here, I don't try to pretend that I am authority on anything rather, this my vehicle to explore and share my tastes that I otherwise would not have the medium to do so.

Plus, I get to escape from the real world every now and then.

I still have some tweaks to do here and there but I finally have the major parts done. Along with finishing those touches, this weekend, I will be visiting the Flower District (haven't been in weeks) in hopes to have something fresh and pretty in the apartment - if the weather permits (I am a wannabe after all), creating a grocery list for the week that will involve little to no heat, and working on blog posts.

So until then, have a beautiful weekend. See you on Monday!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catching Up With Anthropologie

It turns out this blog wasn't the only thing I neglected for almost a month. While Mr. J and my pocketbook are quite grateful for the lack of attention, today I cautiously browsed through Anthropologie's site for the first time in a while. Considering that checking the site for anything was a daily habit of mine, there was a strong fear of sensory overload instead, I felt a little underwhelmed. Truth be told, I thought with this Summer's free shipping  for Anthro cardholders (must use it before Labor Day weekend) and it being dress/skirt season, my closet would be consuming nothing but Anthro. Lucky me that has not been the case. Well, it's best to have some variety anyway, right?

Rather than showcase the full priced stuff (cause it will be there next week) here are some of my picks the Sale section.

From left: Flight 'Round the Garden Skirt and Lingering Rays Skirt
These skirts would have been great additions to my repertoire. Sadly, everyone in my size agreed with me.

From Left: Perilla Dress and Marina Mural Dress
I actually had the chance to try on the Perilla Dress which is shocking because I rarely see XLs in-store. The dress was meh for the original price tag but on sale and with a black cropped sweater (cause it would be a crime to cover up the appliqué) it's looking mighty attractive.

While I already own this top in the sky color, you can't beat the $9.95 price tag. However, I think was bamboozled because while it still listed, there are no sizes available to purchase. Too bad because this shirt has an amazing and very flattering fit. Maybe next time.

I don't even want to know what major sales I missed out on.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crepe Paper Flower by Livia Cetti | Pretty Neat

My first experience with Livia Cetti's work came while I was planning my wedding. Martha Stewart Weddings wasn't just my preferred bridal magazine - it was the only magazine I got throughout my 2 year engagement. There's a part of me that still wants to read it, if only for the amazing party ideas (trust me!). Lush and organic, Livia Cetti's designs also featured some lovely shapes that one could dream about carrying down the aisle. I know I did. :)

While catching up in my Reader, a gorgeous crepe paper arrangement caught my eye from a 100 Layer Cake post. Imagine my surprise when I saw who was behind it.

Image by Gemma Comas
Image by Johnny Miller
Image by Gemma Comas
Isn't cool how lush these paper flowers look?  If only I was crafty enough to even attempt doing this. It would certainly make for a nice alternative to the real thing.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Collection: Kling Summer 2010

Happy second day of August! Are you like me and wondered, "We're already 8 months into the year?" It turns out my Mom was right, time does go by faster as you age. Hope your weekend was fabulously productive. Mine was just that. I even managed to prep our produce for impending meals during the week. Wow! Let's see if I can keep that up.

The past few months haven't felt much like a summer to me. I don't know if it's due to lower than usual temps (which I like) or the gloomy start to the day (I like rain and grey days but not all the time) or just plain old lack of time, but summer has been a little lackluster this year. Perhaps at the end of the month I should embark on a day trip to the beach to make up for it. In the mean time here are some pretty, summery images from Kling Summer Collection involving a different type waterfront - a lake.

Photographer: Antonella Arismendi
Art Direction: Ana Wahren + Cata d'Andrea
Styling: Adrian Gonzalez
Make-up: Caro Fernandez
Hair: Vero De Luca