Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pillow Covers by Tuuni | A Pretty Neat Shop

I’m really loving these pillow covers from Tunni Shop. Owner, Tuija Lommi, designs and creates these handmade pillow covers using vintage and recycled fabrics such as doilies, linen, and tablecloth. I love the contrasting colors and textures of these pieces. Here are my favorites:

Pillow Covers by Tuuni
Images from Tuuni
Check out Tuuni’s shop for some other cool treats.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Simple Pleasures | Killing Me Softly

Normally, the wind is my sworn enemy. If it’s not cramping my hairstyle, then it inevitably gets something in my eye.

So not elegant.

However, yesterday I wore a pretty (and quite comfortable) red dress that swayed lightly and floated with the slightest hint of wind. Not only was it was a nice diversion from the unusually warm weather, but it really lightened up my day. The little things...

Marcus Ohlsson for Velvet 1

Marcus Ohlsson for Velvet 2

Marcus Ohlsson for Velvet 3

Marcus Ohlsson for Velvet 4

Marcus Ohlsson for Velvet 5
Images by Marcus Ohlsson, Styled by Laura Bianchi, Hair Styled by Mike Lundgren for Velvet via Lundlund

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anywhere But Here | At Home

I got played…

A few weeks ago, it was a cool enough to sport tights. There was even a slight chill in the morning air.

Now? It’s hot. Really hot. Like a record was broken hot.

I want to be anywhere but here. This London home would be a good start…

Terrace Home 1

Terrace Home 2

Terrace Home 3

Terrace Home 4
All Images via Lavish Locations

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cool By Gwen Stefani Music Video | Monday Musing

On the way home last weekend I happened upon Gwen Stefani’s Cool on my playlist. Next thing I know it’s Sunday night and the video is still stuck in my head. Granted, I fell in love with the video before the song: Gwen Stefani’s various looks, the homes, the colors, romance, the beautiful Lake Como setting (I was obsessed with visiting this destination for our honeymoon last year…It’s still on my must visit list) and all the bittersweet memories they leave. Sigh… Rather than post still images, here is the video in its beautiful entirety.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

This morning started off a little rocky but you know what? It's the second day of Fall and I'm getting a little too old to let the small stuff get to me. This weekend will comprise of visiting family and general lounging with some glasses of wine in between. Hope your weekend is as carefree.

Nuyou Singapore September 2010, Model: Du Juan, Styling: Johnny Khoo, Photographer: Wee Khim via Fashion Gone Rogue
P.S. Du Juan is a former ballerina. Pretty graceful isn't she?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreamy Wedding Dresses by Leanne Marshall | Charming Finds

I have a request: Someone… please wear this gorgeous wedding gown and send me pictures so I can live vicariously through you.

Julietta Wedding Gown by Leanne Marshall

Need some more convincing?
Julietta Wedding Gown by Leanne Marshall 2

Or maybe you prefer a shorter, flirtier number.
Bea Arthur Dress by Leanne Marshall 1

In the mean time, wouldn't this dress be perfect for any occasion?
Betty White Dress by Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall (yes) is the creative genius behind these delicate and well constructed pieces. Visit her Etsy shop: Leanimal  for some other beauties.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ballet Inspiration | Killing Me Softly

Honestly, I have no words for this editorial from Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2010 issue except, I wish I could be this graceful…

Ditte Isager for MS Weddings 2010 Ballet

Ditte Isager for MS Weddings 2010 Ballet 3

Ditte Isager for MS Weddings 2010 Ballet 2

Ditte Isager for MS Weddings 2010 Ballet 5
Images by Ditte Isager

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raniscript | Typeface Tuesday

It has been a long time since a font was featured on the site but today I felt inspired by the launch of a new design print publication.

Anthology Magazine was launched recently and to say I’m little intrigued is an understatement. It first caught my attention when Kris Atomic wrote a post on her illustration work for the first issue.
Anthology Magazine Cover
Illustration by Kris Atomic, Logo Design by Oh Joy! via Krisatomic and Oh Joy

I immediately recognized the script font used for the logo as Raniscript by Stephen Rapp.
Raniscript Font by Stephen Rapp
Image via MyFonts

It’s sort of like the cooler older sister to Fling.
Raniscript Font Sample
Image via MyFonts

Needless to say, I am the less cooler younger sister…

Check out a preview of the new Anthology Magazine here.

Raniscript is available for purchase at MyFonts and Veer.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Coral Charm Party Inspiration | Monday Musing

Happy day! I wanted to start this week off with a delicious pop of color. This inspiration shoot from Style Me Pretty featuring apricots, fruit crates, crystal and my favorite, coral charm peonies is geared towards a wedding (a late spring, early summer one to be exact) but it makes me want to have an intimate dinner party instead. What a great excuse for a party.

Coral Charm Peony Party Inspiration 2

Coral Charm Peony Party Inspiration

Coral Charm Peony Party Inspiration 1
Images by Rebecca Wood, Styling by Cynthia Martin Events, Florals by Stemz via Style Me Pretty

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday!

Title: Float On, Magazine Vogue US April 2010, Model: Liya Kebede, Photographer: Mert & Marcus via Fashion Gone Rogue
 While I hate being ill, the recovery is one of the greatest highs ever. It makes me feel superhuman, like I could do anything. However, for a dreamer like myself this could be problematic because then I start to think a little too big (pfft, I can paint our place all by myself in one weekend... ha!). So instead I'm taking that feeling and using it for something more down to Earth like straightening up the home, making anything that involves my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer, and gleaning more decorating ideas from Domino.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh Bedrooms | At Home

I'm still feeling a bit under the weather but it looks like it will subside by the week's end. Since there has been an unintentional bed theme going on for the last two posts, I figured why not keep it going with some light and airy bedrooms. Lately, I been thinking about what direction to go in our own room. Since we don't get as much light in our bedroom as in our living room, it would be best to focus on brightening the room with a light paint color (leaning towards Restoration Hardware's Pale Silver) and a nice mixture of white furniture with little pops of color.

Here are three rooms that have been in my arsenal:

via Car Möebel

Images by Chris Everard via Stylist Atlanta Bartlett

via Lonny Magazine

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

image by gonzomama via Oh You Pretty Things

Sorry for the late posting, but I'm not feeling very well so no post today. Tomorrow, I should be back and running with something to share. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stylish Bedding by Urban Outfitters | Charming Finds

Following up on yesterday’s theme, the other thing I love about Fall is the crisp, cool nights. I can’t think of anything more intoxicating than being wrapped in soft layers on a nice comfortable bed with an open window to let in the cool air. Our bed is in desperate need of some new digs. As always, my sights have been set on some items from my second home.

I’m obsessed with these two comforters from Anthropologie:
Anthropologie Rosette Quilt   Cirrus Duvet Cover
L to R: Rosette Quilt + Cirrus Duvet Cover by Anthropologie
But they’ve been around for a while with no sign of being on sale in sight. So what’s person to do? Check out Anthro’s younger sister, Urban Outfitters. The Apartment (Home) section is a great and affordable alternative to their pricier older sister.
Urban Outfitters Ruffled Bed Covers
L to R: Corner Bloom Ruffle Duvet Cover + Waterfall Ruffle Duvet by Urban Outfitters

Light and airy ruffles? Yes, please!

A nice splash of color with a graphic design could do the trick…
Urban Outfitters Wild Poppy Bouquet Duvet Cover
Urban Outfitters Wild Poppy Bouquet Duvet Cover

Or maybe we could mix it up bit with something stronger…
Urban Outfitters Floral Divide Duvet Cover
Urban Outfitters Floral Divide Duvet Cover

But you know what really piqued my interest? Oh, just some polka-dots…
Urban Outfitters Polka Dot Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover
Urban Outfitters Polka Dot Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover

Monday, September 13, 2010

Editorial: Weekend Getaway | Monday Musing

I’m loving the cool weather we’ve been experiencing in Southern California. For the past few years, it seemed like there was always a spike in temperature once September rolled around which was bothersome especially if you’re a fan of tights and soft sweaters like me. This editorial by one of my favorites, Corrie Bond, captures the perfect balance of the transition from summer to fall with the golden light, green outdoors, and the contrasting colors of dark and bold fall clothing.


Style: "Country_Style" Style: "Country_Style"

Style: "Country_Style"
Magazine: Country Style Australia, Photographer: Corrie Bond via

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday!

via Vintage Rose Garden
For some reason, I'm especially excited for this weekend. My plans aren't set in stone yet but maybe, just maybe that's the source for my excitement. There's no need to over-think it.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vintage Lighting Fixtures by LampGoods | A Pretty Neat Shop

Really, I had no business checking out this clever new find being a renter and all, but I just couldn’t help myself. LampGoods is an amazing Etsy shop I stumbled upon while browsing for housewares. The shop uses reclaimed objects such as canning jars and milk glass to create unique lighting fixtures for the home. What I love most about this shop is the variety of styles available in the shop. There's something for the farmhouse, shabby chic and even minimalist home. Here are some of my faves:

Frosted Glass -- Milk Glass Lighting Fixtures
Mason Jar Chandelier
All images from LampGoods

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dusty Peonies in September | Wannabe Wednesday

Mrs. Franklin D Roosevelt peony arrangement

This arrangement is not recent, rather it was completed the first week of June this year. The same reason that almost kept me from posting last week's arrangement affected this one: lack of execution. I captured some nice images of the fluttery petals but there were random items in the background. As you can see below, I let it go. Plus, I can't say that I'm fan of the structure of the arrangement. What can I say? I planned poorly.

Mrs. FDR peonies

With that said, I thought colors from this arrangement would be a nice complement to the overcast skies that graced SoCal yesterday. The light, creamy colors of the Mrs. FDR peonies were so mesmerizing. This is my favorite type of peony next to the beauty that is Coral Charm of course.

Mrs FDR and coral charm peonies arrangement
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt peonies, Coral Charm peonies and Dusty Miller

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Light and Cozy Cabin Living by Dave Coote | At Home

Mr. J and I are currently on the 2nd year of our 5 year plan. What is this 5 year plan? Well, we decided at the onset of our marriage that we would wait 5 years before having children could become a possibility. Before getting married, we decided that we did not want to start a family immediately, that we would instead spend the early years of marriage focused on just being a married couple.

We also want to do some traveling before starting a family. However, this year, with the exception of Vegas, we didn’t go anywhere. Between moving, re-establishing our home, and some unforseen circumstances beyond our control, traveling this year was just not feasible (besides we did visit Paris last year). We’ve already set our sights on a big trip to Tahiti in 2012, but for 2011 we want to do something small and romantic. I’m thinking a trip to a sweet little cabin or even a cottage on the beach would be just the thing. This crisp cabin located on Camber Sands in the UK designed by Dave Coote lends for some romantic travel inspiration.

Cottage Deck
Cottage Sitting Area
Cottage Bedroom 1
Cottage Kitchen
Cottage Living Room
Images via David Coote Design