Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Randomness | Wannabe Wednesday

Growing up I was bit of an Anglophile. It’s bizarre, considering my Nigerian-American heritage (or perhaps not), and I don’t know where it came from. It may have come from reading The Secret Garden and being obsessed with the movie (the Hallmark version). Watching lots of PBS and Jane Austen (supposedly the chic lit from the 19th century), I've always wanted to live in the English country with a beautiful garden full of shrubs of garden roses and lush greenery. Yes, I had quite the romantic image. When my teen years rolled around, French was my chosen foreign language for high school and thus came about my affair with a more lively mistress. But I’ll get to that affair on another date.

I admit that the wedding on Friday has piqued my interest. Honestly, it’s for shallow reasons: I want to see her dress, the flowers (I read there will be trees, azaleas, lilac, and wisteria …yes please!), the jewels, the hats(!), the Spencers looking vengeful, and a drunk Prince Harry (I know the latter won’t happen... on camera) and lots of pomp. Honestly, I won't actually be staying up to watch. I much prefer seeing the pictures after the fact. But I have to say, after watching a recent Chris Matthews show, dedicated to the wedding under the guise of the US and UK’s "special relationship" (thank goodness Andrew Sullivan was there to keep it real), I find myself quite dumbfounded that there are people who still buy into this fairy tale. I mean, I wasn’t around when the last big royal wedding took place but I was cognizant of its echoes during the 90s when news outlets peppered their reporting with royal gossip. It was hardly romantic nor dreamy.

With that said, I find the history (where the intersection of politics, class, gender, the past all woefully intertwined) so completely fascinating. It is why I majored in it, but don’t do anything professionally with it--except for having obscure conversations with Mr. J during a random afternoon or long car adventures. And seriously, I want to see how wisteria is incorporated because last time I checked this wedding is all indoors.

Alright back to my tax paying life. Here is my arrangement for this week. I hadn’t counted on the sheer size of these garden roses. They were gigantic. I really need to expand my vessels (well more want than need). And apologies for taking such hasty pictures. I was operating on a time crunch (read: I was running late... we’re meeting my in-laws for Easter) so I didn’t catch certain things. There's always another time.

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Love Your Way said...

that arrangement is GORGEOUS...the pictures are beautiful, what are you talking about?! ha. keep 'em coming.