Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday

Melodie Monrose by Peppe Tortora for Grey Spring/Summer 2011 via FGR

For over a week I’ve been nursing some gnarly lower back pain. I don’t know whether I pinched a nerve or strained a muscle or both. However, there’s a flip side to this episode, it reminded me that I really need to start taking care of my body. I don’t want to go into too much detail (trust me the original draft was a novel so I scrapped it) but I don’t like how I feel. There are some areas that I’m exploring right now to change this but I will touch on it soon and other things long overdue.

Speaking of being long overdue, today I did something that most us have done but never admit to or even worse never do. I acknowledged a mistake I made to someone and apologized for it. Saving face is something that I have struggled to keep since I was a kid. There have been times when the apology was an immediate pro-action and others where more thought was needed or the revelation came from a different instance (Mr. J is all too aware of this entire sentence). Well, I’m firm believer in owning up to your wrongs. I know it’s hard for some but over the years I learned that harboring ill-will, getting worked up over petty things, or just acting like nothing happened only hurts you in the end. Plus, it’s kind of dumb.

So cheers to letting go and to better health.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Gloria said...

Kudos for apologizing - it's such a hard thing for me to do too! Hope your back feels better soon