Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Tried...

But I can’t focus on much of anything right now. Mr. J and I are going out of town this week and I'm so excited for the impending road trip up the coast. Our final destination will be a town that I've been somewhat obsessed with since I was a kid -- Mendocino. My mild obsession came from my love of Anne of Green Gables, and since Prince Edward Island was a bit far from the South Bay in NorCal, so Mendocino ended up being my lush, Californian substitute. I’m looking forward to some cool beaches, lush forestry, wine drinking tasting, and spending some time with the Mister. So needless to say, I’m checking out early. Have a wonderful week!

Lily Collins by Robert Erdmann for Tatler UK June 2011 via Dustjacket Attic (you must ckeck out the rest of this editorial. It's so undeniably summer.)

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