Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Musing

Do you ever have one of those Mondays where you feel the weekend completely escaped you?

You had all these wonderful intentions. Not just the usual suspects of orderly function but those moments of relaxation and joy. The reminders of what goodness can await after working and earning that time off.

Today, it seems silly for me to feel this way considering the weekend included: making a wise move instead of hastily made one by backing up our car that’s on borrowed time with a new one. Experiencing a fleeting moment from childhood by (don’t laugh) -- getting a hot dog AND churro from Costco. Oh, and last but certainly not least going to bed at a decent time. (Honorable mention: stocking the freezer with some Fosselman’s ice cream.)

That was essentially my weekend, items completed and potential disasters thwarted but I felt like I could have done more. I think it’s time to start on my to-do list of the small things that that are floating in my mental purgatory. After all it’s best to pave the way for a goal rather than getting lost in a cloud of ambition.

Karen Takes Flight featuring Karen Elson by Ryan McGinley and styled by Panos Yiapanis for V Issue #70 March 2011 via Mode and Oh Fashion Model


lizzie said...

uhm. YES. only all the time.

Gloria said...

I have this feeling no matter how laid back or busy a weekend was - there's always that feeling that I could've squeezed in a little bit more. On another note, I'm totally craving Costco churros right now :-)

Constance said...

It's exactly the hair color I'd love!! Very nice pics!