Thursday, September 1, 2011


There was a time when September, not January, was my new year. It was the start of the school year, which meant new clothes, new school supplies, new classmates, grade advancement, and other types of movement. It was a time for either refreshment or refinement, to chart a new path that would ultimately be preparation for yet another. In short, it was the rite of change.

It saddens me a little see that this rite doesn’t catch my fascination like it used to. For years I always thought it was because of Southern California’s perpetual warmer weather. It’s not. It’s just... when exactly did the days/weeks/seasons start to meld together? How long have I allowed this to go unnoticed? Maybe I'm longing for an old feeling I took for granted, but I miss it.

However, last weekend I spotted my little sign for the changing season: Japanese anemones. They usually show up in the flower mart late August through September. I always have the intention of using them in an arrangement but, many times, I just end up playing with them trying to figure out a way to use them without having to snip away too many pods. So, instead, here are my feeble attempts at taking random pictures of them. After taking a look at my pictures, I cringed at how so many of them were out of focus. Totally my fault, since I was rushing to take these pictures before the light fled our apartment. I should have taken my time to really enjoy them. and learn something new.


lizzie said...

jessica...your arrangements and your process are so beautiful...i loved when you talked about how difficult it was to balance your dream job and your "real job" and i definitely get where you're coming from, lady. thanks for sharing your rockin' fantastic flowers and photography.

Blue Fruit said...

These images are absolutely beautiful. Your styling and arrangement is just right for such a delicate flower too!

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

Such a gorgeous, delicate arrangement!

Jane Flanagan said...

Such beautiful flowers!