Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zara Now With US Online Shopping

With the exception of a few items for a trip to Mendocino back in June, I haven't bought any additions to my closet this year. In short, I've been pretty good. Now with the news that Zara will finally open an online shop for US customers beginning tomorrow, I have my eye on a few things.

Dresses... naturally.
From L-R: Zara Floral Dress, Dress w/Elastic Waist (in swan print), Combined Dress

I hate to go too-eager-department-store on you but the season is coming.
From L-R: Zara So new there is no name yet, Soft Ballerina (in gold), Metallic Jogging Blazer

One can never have too many scarves. Besides, they are the easiest way to transform an outfit.
From L-R: Zara Water Colour Scarf, Floral Scarf, Printed Scarf, Printed Metallic Thread Scarf
All Images from Zara

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