Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This happened in my own backyard. True story!

down power line

There is a car under those trees.

uprooted tree

All images by me 

Last week, Z and I started the season of lights with no electricity and temporarily without water.

In southern California, well there was a major windstorm that happened last Wednesday night. Hurricane-like gusts with some speeds as high as 90mph. It was crazy but of course at night in the comfort of my bed, when it was getting ridiculous, I thought it was cozy.

When the power went out we thought, “No big deal. It’ll come back midday.”

Then we woke up to find we were now without water. Having no water is no fun. Think about your daily routine in the morning. Outside, debris was every where and the amount of uprooted trees was crazy. One of the large trees that line our street landed on someone’s car and completed demolished it. I saw the largest uprooted tree this morning on my walk around the Rose Bowl loop.

We finally gained power back Monday night but we are still without phone or internet. Regardless, I’m so glad the power came back. While candles are certainly lovely and quite relaxing, I was worried about missing tonight’s Revenge (I’m not even gonna lie) and my hair. Yeah.

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Gloria said...

I can't believe that gigantic tree was uprooted - how scary! Glad you and your family are alright!