Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Hello

Garden Roses at LA Flower Mart taken with my iPhone

After a long hiatus and a sweet gesture from Z, I went to the flower mart this morning. It was the first time I have ever went on a weekday and, as expected, it was certainly livelier and fuller than my usual Saturday visits. I just loved it. I have some flowers getting their thirst quenched at the apartment while I play internet catch up at undisclosed location (still no dsl). I was a good girl and didn’t blow my budget on garden roses so I decided to take a picture instead. Those blush ones looked pretty but oh were they empty inside.


ipoel said...

Is there any upcoming flower workshop in la coming up? I saw celadon has this home party thing but $200+ might cause my husband a heart attack

I do love those garden roses but they always break the bank :)

How is your intership / work with flower wild right? Such a cool designer!

ipoel said...

I always forgot to add email follow up note so I'm adding another post haha