Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

I won’t harp on it too much because it’s all over the place but I liked the royal wedding. It was pretty much what it was suppose to be: timeless, elegant, and very British. The wedding gown was restrained and pretty but I have to give major props to her sister and maid of honor who OWNED her gown. Ladies that’s how style does modesty. Really, I want it in my closet. Instead of going on about the wedding, I will leave you with something that quite frankly I hope catches on to the wedding gown designers out there.

Image from Kate Middleton For the Win (this site is pretty funny)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prim Flats | Charming Finds

While I love the classic shape of a ballet flat, there are times when a dressier flat just lends for a more crisp look. During a recent browsing session I came across a nice pair flats in a style that is usually more prevalent in heel form:

Classiques Entier Eclipse Flat in leopard 

Confession: I’m not usually a fan of animal print but these flats come in a neutral color scheme and the style is just so prim and proper. I love it. It also comes in two other colorways.

Then I came across another pair of flats in the same style but in some quirky color combination (and two very classic colors).

Restriction Nectarine Flats

Classic style in an array of colors. I shouldn't but I may just indulge in a black patent pair.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Randomness | Wannabe Wednesday

Growing up I was bit of an Anglophile. It’s bizarre, considering my Nigerian-American heritage (or perhaps not), and I don’t know where it came from. It may have come from reading The Secret Garden and being obsessed with the movie (the Hallmark version). Watching lots of PBS and Jane Austen (supposedly the chic lit from the 19th century), I've always wanted to live in the English country with a beautiful garden full of shrubs of garden roses and lush greenery. Yes, I had quite the romantic image. When my teen years rolled around, French was my chosen foreign language for high school and thus came about my affair with a more lively mistress. But I’ll get to that affair on another date.

I admit that the wedding on Friday has piqued my interest. Honestly, it’s for shallow reasons: I want to see her dress, the flowers (I read there will be trees, azaleas, lilac, and wisteria …yes please!), the jewels, the hats(!), the Spencers looking vengeful, and a drunk Prince Harry (I know the latter won’t happen... on camera) and lots of pomp. Honestly, I won't actually be staying up to watch. I much prefer seeing the pictures after the fact. But I have to say, after watching a recent Chris Matthews show, dedicated to the wedding under the guise of the US and UK’s "special relationship" (thank goodness Andrew Sullivan was there to keep it real), I find myself quite dumbfounded that there are people who still buy into this fairy tale. I mean, I wasn’t around when the last big royal wedding took place but I was cognizant of its echoes during the 90s when news outlets peppered their reporting with royal gossip. It was hardly romantic nor dreamy.

With that said, I find the history (where the intersection of politics, class, gender, the past all woefully intertwined) so completely fascinating. It is why I majored in it, but don’t do anything professionally with it--except for having obscure conversations with Mr. J during a random afternoon or long car adventures. And seriously, I want to see how wisteria is incorporated because last time I checked this wedding is all indoors.

Alright back to my tax paying life. Here is my arrangement for this week. I hadn’t counted on the sheer size of these garden roses. They were gigantic. I really need to expand my vessels (well more want than need). And apologies for taking such hasty pictures. I was operating on a time crunch (read: I was running late... we’re meeting my in-laws for Easter) so I didn’t catch certain things. There's always another time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Broomhill House | At Home

For the last week I’ve been on a tidying-up mission, which has included banishing loose papers and old bank statements, dusting, reorganizing, and planning the execution of long stalled projects. I love what energy Spring and chance encounters can bring.

In the midst of my spring cleaning I decided to look for some home inspiration. I first read about Shoot Factory a long time ago from Made by Girl and saved it in my home files queue. Wading through the pages of lovely homes, I came across a home called Broomhill located in Kent which is the perfect mix of clean styling, small pops of color, comfort and, oh, the bathroom. Is it weird to say that I want to live in that bathroom? I just adore all of it and would like to plot a way to move there.

All images from Shoot Factory

 P.S. Did you notice the grey dresser? There was an amazing before and after project on Design Sponge last week achieving that style. Check it out

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three Wants For Today

I want...

...to create this for our ‘entry’ area (I can’t call the space an entry way let alone a foyer, so it’s "area"). The area is pretty plain and, as previously displayed, I have another reason to buy some knobs.

Pinned by Anne-Clark via Pinterest; original post via Design Sponge

...a house with a yard so I can plant jasmine vine. Sigh, another addition to my imaginary garden. I guess this will have to do for now.

garden roses, Japanese andromeda, fringed tulips, jasmine vine

...some Fatburger, preferably for dinner. Well, Mr. J?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday

Yesterday I bought myself a journal, with the intention of writing down any thoughts or ideas that pop into my mind.

Lately, I've been thinking about how I store information and capture ideas. It seems that, after a week going through the usual boring motions, my mind gets bogged down, stifled. Even with just a blank feeling, or worry or dread. And Sunday used to be a painful day for me.

I always look forward to Friday and the weekend ahead, where I'm free to do and maintain the things I enjoy. Although, with that in mind, the following usually happens: after making my little trips (from entertaining to the mundane) and indulging a little, all kinds of ideas begin to flow. Things that I want to write about, do some research on, or just simply create. I always mean to write it down, once I track down some paper. But my life has seemingly become cluttered, both figuratively and mentally. I have so much going through my mind that I'm ultimately left with nothing to share.
I hate that feeling. Especially when I read something that sparks some major interest but the words just don't materialize. So I'm going to try to revive an old habit of mine and get back to jotting things down again when they first come to me; whether to document the experience, or for later reflection or use.
In the Picture featuring Marion Cotillard by Mario Testino, Styled by Tonne Goodman for Vogue US July 2010 via Dustjacket Attic

Hope you have beautiful weekend.

P.S. I really love this editorial. So perfect for this time of year.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Streamlined Leather Handbags by Opelle Creative | Jonesing

After a long search for a nice leather handbag, I have finally found the place to get it. With a selection of clean designs in nice neutral shades, Opelle Creative creates beautifully handmade leather bags in styles that are perfect for everyday use.

All images from Opelle Creative

Now the hard part begins. Which one to choose?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trial and Error | Wannabe Wednesday

Note to self: It takes a concerted effort to set aside the necessary time to properly capture flower arrangements. It’s a little sad how few images of my arrangements I have, considering how many I did last year. Part of it was due to getting wrapped up in learning along the way, but mostly my problem was time management.

When I visited the flower mart I would go through both sides of the marketplace, noting any little details or items that struck my fancy, and then I would return to the stalls that stuck in my mind to purchase my bounty. Granted, I would often get a little too excited and stray from this strategy, impulsively buying something that I just couldn’t pass up (hello, Japanese anemones). Once I returned home, the time it took for me to process the flowers really ate up most of my morning. Stripping and prepping the flowers can be fast when you're experienced, but pretty time consuming when you're learning and trying not to do any damage. Also, it didn’t help that I almost always lacked a proper breakfast ("ah, but Jessica, you don’t make breakfast regularly anyway" -- that would be Mr. J’s response).

This little arrangement is comprised of the surviving pieces left from yet another arrangement I failed to photograph...
lilac, ranunculus, wax flower, spray roses

Now, thanks to a long process of trial and error, these aren't so big problems any more. There is one wholesaler I have stuck to for the majority of my visits sprinkled with a few consistent sellers that have certain things I like during certain times of the year. I’m also faster in processing flowers, especially with familiar stems; though I still like to take my time with the new finds. These new discoveries inevitably turn me into a hyper child, moving me to interrupt my processing often with “look at this!”

The picture taking is a work in progress.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday!

This weekend includes visiting a family member, weeding out more stuff from boxes, and catching up on some blog reading (this week I lagged big time). Since this week started on a floral note, I figured might as well end it with one. I been loving this editorial since it was too early to even think of spring. There is just too much goodness from it, so make sure to visit the link for the full feature.

Fortes Impressions featuring Tiiu Kuik by Anne Menke for Marie Claire France February 2011 via FGR
Have a gorgeous weekend!