Thursday, August 25, 2011


There was a time when purchasing handbags were my consolation prize for otherwise failed shopping trips. After all, you don’t have to try on handbags in less than flattering light, they come in a variety of styles and color, and, besides, one can never have too many, right? Well, no. I ended up with too many in my closet that really didn’t go with much of anything.

I’ve never been shy about my love for embellishments and color but lately I’ve been leaning towards a more simple style that’s versatile and won’t be in danger of looking dated. One style I love are satchels, for their roomy storage, classic style and easy handling.

I really like the clean lines of these turnlock style bags...
Images: ASOS Leather Texas Satchel in tobacco | ASOS Leather Vintage Style Satchel in black (also available in chocolate)

Very Mulberry...
Images: ASOS Leather Twist Lock Vintage Style Satchel in mink or tan

Then there’s this beauty that I have no business eyeing considering that I don't carry my camera around with me enough, but it’s the perfect combination of clean lines and classic styling.
Images: Ona Brooklyn Leather Camera Bag

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Colorful Vacation House in Todos Santos, Mexico

No flowers today I’m afraid. I didn’t have enough time that morning to do my floral thing and make it to last weekend's event on time. Instead of flowers I decided to share something I found during my search for next year's vacation which Mr. J designated as my birthday celebration, since I will be kicking my 20s to the curb (sadly, Tahiti may not work out for us). I came across a site called Boutique Homes which features vacation rentals and boutique hotels around the world.

There are so many cool places featured on this site, but I became more interested in the colors displayed in this getaway located in Todos Santos, Mexico.

Images: Boutique Homes

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Me in Mendocino

Sorry for the abrupt silence. I’ve been playing catch up with everything from work to sleep to maintenance. Last week I started streamlining this wee blog and made a few additions here and there. Weeding through the evolution of this journal made me smile and wince and groan all at the same time but it was also a reminder of the importance of growing pains. There are quite a few things that would have never happened if it weren’t for them. So here's a quick hello and goodbye until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wannabe Wednesday

Some juicy flowers for a Wednesday afternoon.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Musing

Do you ever have one of those Mondays where you feel the weekend completely escaped you?

You had all these wonderful intentions. Not just the usual suspects of orderly function but those moments of relaxation and joy. The reminders of what goodness can await after working and earning that time off.

Today, it seems silly for me to feel this way considering the weekend included: making a wise move instead of hastily made one by backing up our car that’s on borrowed time with a new one. Experiencing a fleeting moment from childhood by (don’t laugh) -- getting a hot dog AND churro from Costco. Oh, and last but certainly not least going to bed at a decent time. (Honorable mention: stocking the freezer with some Fosselman’s ice cream.)

That was essentially my weekend, items completed and potential disasters thwarted but I felt like I could have done more. I think it’s time to start on my to-do list of the small things that that are floating in my mental purgatory. After all it’s best to pave the way for a goal rather than getting lost in a cloud of ambition.

Karen Takes Flight featuring Karen Elson by Ryan McGinley and styled by Panos Yiapanis for V Issue #70 March 2011 via Mode and Oh Fashion Model

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday

Oh my...

Kate Moss' GORGEOUS Garden Wedding captured by Mario Testino for Vogue US September 2011
After seeing teasers from Moodboard and Fashion Gone Rogue I had to check out the images from Kate Moss' wedding featured in Vogue US September issue. Needless to say, it took my breath away - it's the garden wedding of my dreams (and I'm snagging a copy of this issue).

Have a bountiful weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

ASOS Swing Dress w/ Mesh & Trim Detail | Killing Me Softly

Image: ASOS Swing Dress with Mesh & Trim Detail in Cream and Black

I realize that some creativity will be needed to make this dress work for certain body types (including my own) but the flutter sleeves with scallop edging, the detailing on the back and neckline are whispering to my feminine senses. This dress is reminiscent of Temperley London Resort 2012 collection. Not to mention the cream version would make a lovely wedding dress.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today I wanted to talk about happy things like flowers and working with wonderful people. Instead, after searching, reading, and thinking about external hard drives during my internet breaks I am mentally spent. So here is today’s arrangement with a few closeups here and there.

Images by me

Yay for Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Handmade Tech Cases by Pad and Quill

As a public transportation warrior, I love the Moleskine-discretion that these cases by PadandQuill provide.

Image by PadandQuill

They also offer cases for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Nook.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör | At Home

Something amazing happened yesterday: I got stuff done while it was still light outside. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I haven't pulled that off in a long time, or at least executed the way I had planned. Sure, I botched a dish that I've made several times in the past with much fanfare, but stuff got done and I even had time for a nap! I tend to thrive in light spaces. It's one of my biggest pick-me-ups, as it makes me want to get stuff done so I can enjoy the rest of the day. I bookmarked Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör--a Swedish real estate firm who wisely stages their listings for future sellers--after seeing some of their images on Decor8, SF Girl By Bay, and Desire to Inspire. The light pouring through the homes they feature always pull me in. Our place gets a decent amount of light but nothing like these spaces.

The goodness isn't just limited to the interiors. The outdoor inspiration is overflowing too.

All image via Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday

Image by Melissa Kaseman via A Well Traveled Woman (love this tumblr)

Almost, but not quite. This weekend includes being near that type of environment but more work than play (but still love).

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maxi Dresses

As someone who loves both comfort and wearing dresses, it's slightly strange that my closet lacks a maxi dress. There is a combination of reasons but the main one is that many dresses would like potato sack on my average frame without some form of a waist. Although, I've been on a spending diet clothing-wise, I may try to sneak a maxi dress purchase -- if the style and timing are right. As for now, here are some ideas:

Top Row L-R: Oasis Japanese Maxi Dress, Max & Cleo Strapless Jersey Maxi Dress, AKA New York Malibu Long Dress
Bottom Row L-R: Odylyne Barbet Long Dress, Theory Tylie Long Cami Dress, Remain Irving Maxi Dress

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lessons in Time Management | Wannabe Wednesday

Working on Saturdays has made me learn something about my time management skills: I lack them. Today's arrangement is what was left from a decent bounty on Saturday that included dahlias, spray roses, asclepias, raspberries and my new favorite, jasmine vine. I was eager to put together an arrangement, but I had an event to work. So once I got home, I quickly processed the flowers before heading out to the site. Sunday was still an equally awesome day to do the arrangements and I had most of it planned, so I thought I would certainly have the time to work on it. Unfortunately, I ended up having too much of a good thing and the day slipped away. In the end, I didn’t get around to the flowers until it was a bit too late. The wild and lush arrangement I had in mind became quite streamlined. Oh, and to add insult to injury, I was only able to take a few decent pictures, as I did it this morning.

Image by me

Now that I work on the weekends I’m forced to take a look at my organization habits. I knew that it would take my body a while to readjust to my busier schedule but I didn’t really think about the household tasks that would fall by the wayside. To be honest, this has been a problem for me long before I started my new schedule - now it’s just that much harder to hide from. Tonight I have a reprieve from making dinner, so I’m going to make the most of the night by getting my head in gear so my heart can run amok this weekend.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Covers by Jessica Hische

With overflowing shelves and full boxes lingering in storage, I really shouldn’t even be looking at these books let alone wanting them. Here’s a little tidbit from my childhood: my Mom rarely bought us books (unless I begged her when those scholastic book club flyers came out). She was a firm believer in utilizing our local library, since--she argued--she had paid for those books with her tax dollars. Over time I developed the desire to have my own library. Couple that desire with my design-crush on the work of Jessica Hische and it starts to get weird. Yup, the cover of these Barnes and Noble Classics were designed by Ms. Hische. If you're not familiar with her work, these are my absolute favorites. Her work makes me love typography even more.

Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics designed by Jessica Hische and art direction by Jo Obarowski for Sterling Publishing and Barnes & Noble

Monday, August 1, 2011

August | Monday Musing

I don’t know what’s more startling: that I completely missed today was the start of a new month or that this year is more than half way over. My Mom used to tell me (when I was a kid aching to be an adult) that time flies by faster as you get older. It’s funny how the older I get, the more I realize how right she was about a lot stuff including that seemingly minor note.

Back in my early twenties, I would worry about the time slipping away. About me getting older and some how losing something as the months passed. I worried about not doing all the things all I want to do, missing opportunities that came my way and most importantly what I wanted to do with my life. I essentially just worried about do's.

Now, eff that noise.

I’ve been experiencing a new zone. One where I embrace my age, memories (good and when willing, even the bad), little bits of knowledge I have gained over years, took iniative and stopped whining about dumb things that are quite frankly boring.

I want to take things slow this month. Go out for more walks that have no intended destination. Take more pictures. Make new dishes that eventually lead to a complete Sunday meal with a full spread. Laugh at the ridiculous, read and digest content, and continue to enjoy myself. I want to savor what's left of these summer days and start on a good note when we enter the new season.

But for now: Summer, more please.

Joy Bryant by John Balsom and styled by Haidee Findlay-Levin for InStyle Australia February 2011 found via and scanned by Dustjacket Attic