Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm finally getting to the grit of organizing and backing up my computer files and well, look at what I found:

Hello hellebore. Also, I want to engulf my home with lemon-scented geranium.

I’ve come across a few items that were imported from my camera never to be heard from again. After gathering, combing, and organizing (for now) several folders of images, I have a whole new respect for photographers. It took me forever and a day to do this and I’m not even remotely done. I still have to cull and organize some more, oh, and back it all up. But the worst part is that it’s not very much. I'm little scared.

Arrangement and Image by me

I guess there are some benefits after all.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Succulent Wreaths by Fairyscape Shop

It’s that time of the year again but here in LA you wouldn’t know it with temps in the 80s -- no joke! While nursing on Fall with the help of apples and dulce de leche (do this now!), I’ve been checking out items for the Christmas holiday and found these cool succulent wreaths by Fairyscape shop. I love the garden-inspired look of these wreaths.

This one is my favorite:
All images by Fairyscape Shop
The wreaths come in two different sizes and there is a customized option is available. Check out more at Fairyscape shop.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This year I am grateful. I am grateful for the opportunities. I’m grateful for chances - the first and especially second ones. But the thing that I’m really grateful for are the people that have been in my life this year.

The people that I have met, befriended, worked with, helped, have helped me, talked to, and gab to have been remarkable. This year I remembered how wonderful it is to welcome new faces, new experiences, new layers and different perspectives into my life. I am so grateful for those who have taken the time from their truly busy schedules to give this wannabe advice and guidance. I learned so much from these people: different approaches, technical things, the mechanics of running a business, and offering their own insights and experiences. All these individuals have inspired me to study, practice, reassess myself, improve and most of all open myself to more experiences and more people.

Not so great images from my iPhone of a simple hand bouquet of roses and stock

Also, I am so grateful for you, my readers. Some of you have followed me since I was bride-to-be procrastinating on my wedding planning while others have found me by chance through this huge space (that can be quite small at times) we call the internet. Thank you everyone for following me, leaving comments, and sending sweet notes. I truly do appreciate it.

I’m already thinking of next year. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it since this past summer. Things I want to do. Places I want to go (Z, there is a part of me that still wants to visit that small Italian island for my birthday). And naturally and more importantly, the people I want to share it with. I am grateful to live this life even if isn’t always roses.

Now it’s time for me to make some mac-n-cheese and a pineapple upside down cake for tomorrow’s American Thanksgiving. I'm spending it with my family from my spouse’s side (I consider them more than my in-laws). Have a wonderful holiday and see you on Monday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Musing

I have always wanted to share more real life experiences through this vehicle of mine. Good or bad or even blah because that's how life really operates; though that's far from the stylistic presentations we're often exposed to in the blogsphere. With that said, make no mistake, I do appreciate pretty things and, actually, I have no shame for it. But for a while I’ve been shielding myself from those pretty escapes as if my current situation would contaminate it. Then I realized I was being silly.

Yesterday, here in southern California it rained pretty much for most of the day, and naturally, I loved it. Perhaps it had something to do with my turnaround. Regardless, these images from Vogue Italia by Sølve Sundsbø seemed fitting for today's gorgeous views (the best present rainfall gives).

Beauty featuring Sigrid Asten by Sølve Sundsbø and styling by Patti Wilson for Vogue Italia October 2011 via Noir Façade

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Reminder...

This image was taken on my iPhone at an event I worked this past summer. It's not much but when I saw it on my cameral roll this afternoon, it brought a smile to my face. I did a lot hustling and moving on that hot day. Regardless, it was such a bright spot. It's important to have those little moments. Ones that aren't manufactured. That are just real even if they are fleeting and may not mean much to you at the time. Many times I forget to take a picture because I'm too busy being in the moment but it doesn't hurt to document something even it's minor.

Happy Tuesday afternoon!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Quote by Veronica Shoftstall via To Be a Lady

Last week, after a brief hiatus, I posted a fuzzy entry that really didn’t say much. I was a bit hesitant to go into details or even mention it here on the blog because it’s quite personal. Plus, to be perfectly blunt, it sucked when it happened. But this space has been a gradual exercise in putting myself out there. Opening up and sharing things whether it’s good, bad, or discovering and exploring my next step or dream. So here it is:

I was laid off from my job last week.

This news was heavy mostly because it was unexpected. Slightly. I thought my old firm had weathered the worst part of the economic downturn. So I forged on with my side adventure and began thinking and planning my next floral steps. I had recently met some wonderful people in the same boat and was truly looking forward to next year’s possibilities, plans and a milestone when I turn 30. I was so thankful for this year’s changes and for taking the steps to begin them, even though I should have done so last year. Then the layoff news hit me. And honestly, I stumbled a bit last week trying to pick myself back up.

Mr. J , from now on Z cause he is own person (who is still obsessed with privacy), has been absolutely wonderful. Granted he is my husband and most people would say that’s expected but over the years I think I have taken for granted how insightful and thoughtful he can truly be. It was surprising to hear him say that perhaps it was a good thing. That now I can try gaining more experience in a field that I was aspiring to--and he is right. It can be hard to gain floral experience working a full-time job with the usual office hours, and it definitely was hard in my situation. Working with flowers isn’t quite like learning other things. You either have to take classes or work for someone to gain knowledge.

Earlier this year, I spoke of complacency and how I’m trying to banish it from my life. And really my old job--the one I came into by chance that was supposed to hold me over as I tried to make up my mind on whether law school was right for me--had worn thin, having stayed too many years and becoming the very center of my complacency. I stayed for the steady paycheck and, quite frankly, became all too comfortable. Now, let me just say this: I’m not knocking it or anyone else in that situation cause let’s be real not everyone has or is comfortable relying on someone to take care of them financially. It’s just, being too comfortable can hinder growth instead of promoting it... at least that was the case for me.

Dahlia images by me
Things are better this week. Right now I’m staying productive and positive even when it’s hard to do so. I’m thinking, planning and acting on my next steps and remembering what I have and who I have in my life and to be thankful for them and their kind words and support. This detour wasn’t an end. It was only the beginning.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Arrangement and Images by me

So it’s been quiet around these parts for a while. My posts have been sporadic and I haven’t visited some of my favorite sites in a while. Well, something heavy took place very recently and I haven’t really garnered the right words to describe how I’m taking it. Mr. J has assured me that perhaps it was a good thing while my thoughts (really my feelings) are not as clear.

So for now my November entry postponed until next week.

Have a good week everyone.