Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Normally I would marvel at how fast the time has gone or in this case, ask when the world is suppose to end again (this year it’s the Mayans turn) but I already feel content for what lies ahead even though I have no idea what is in store.

It could be good, bad, enlightening, or boring, all I know is that I no longer worry about it nor fear it. How could I? Last year was an exercise to knocking complacency, exposing myself to more things and people and generally enjoying what I have. That short post I wrote last year was a continuous referral to so much that happened in my life in year 2011. Recognizing my body is changing and revisiting my fitness. The floral workshop I took and the unexpected presents it unleashed. Oh and that red dress. Believe it or not, I was wearing it when that hard news hit.

In short 2011 wasn’t boring. It was what a year should be another time to develop and ultimately flourish.

Now with 2012, well there are some things that I have mentioned numerous times around these parts, like turning 30 (which I can’t wait to do because well I will share what it means to me hint: I used to fear it) and another trip (it seems to be our yearly thing to do). But one thing that’s been crossing my mind has been the ability to open myself up more. There are areas that I’m re-examining and new ones that I have yet to really look at. I have no resolutions, only goals. Resolutions are are plans and to quote Z, plans are meaningless unless you have a goal set. This year, I’m keeping my goals to my self so that once they are accomplished they can be my little secrets. Something to unlock later when times get a little rough.

Movement & Shape by Sølve Sundsbø featuring Nyasha Matonhodze for Vogue Japan November 2011 via Noir Façade

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