Sunday, January 15, 2012


It’s Sunday, my ex-football player husband is watching the Giants-Packers game, I’m waiting for the Globes to start and this post was suppose to happen last week. Bah! These are pictures from my birthday trip to Mendocino last year. I chose something quiet and near the ocean that also allowed for some wine tasting. Z rented a small cottage called La Petit Maison that is located in woods near Mendocino. The adorable cottage was surrounded by these huge redwoods and had such a sweet garden with rose and succulents. We were welcomed with a bottle of wine and snacks and some fresh cut roses. I love resorts and spas and going out of every night but since we went to Vegas the year before, it was be a nice change of pace to do something a bit more quiet with my other half.

Mendocino was the perfect setting for reflection and for the last entry of my roaring 20s. To be perfectly honest, it was there that I realized my happiness and content with getting older. I think it all has do with finally knowing where I want to go in my life. For years, I wallowed in my cloud of confusion and self-doubt and in turn feared what the future held. I knew I didn’t want to do what I was suppose to do and yet felt guilty for feeling that way. Now, everything is so clear that I can see it but have to figure out my way to get there (the total opposite of my former path). Somehow this journey that is scarier and not very sure gives me a sense of confidence that the easier one did not. Funny how life rolls.


Lilia Ahner said...

What a beautiful trip! Loved the pic with you and the pelicans. :)

Jessica :: Delicatessen said...

Why thank you!