Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February (belated)

So far, it’s been very good.

Friday, I had the place all to my self so I brought home BBQ for dinner (baklava cheesecake for dessert), had a Blue Moon and watched censored episodes of Sex and the City. Ab Fab episodes would have been better but beggars can’t be choosers. Yes, that night warranted a mention and it was the perfect cap to the first week of the new month.

I’m just going to lay it all out there: January blew. I wasted precious time moping about something that while needed, I didn’t necessarily want and ultimately didn’t get. Once again, I am annoyed with myself for even setting myself up like that. However, on the flip side, yesterday I was met with what should have been a disappointing outcome but instead I took that rejection for what it was: constructive criticism. I totally acknowledged what was told to me and noted it as something that needed improvement. Funny, how that works.

Either way, I do have plans to share something wonderful that I took part in this past Sunday. Initially I wasn’t going to blog about it but I loved the experience so much that I decided to not be so greedy all of the time. It will come tomorrow and to give you a hint: flowers are involved, obviously.

Floral Fantasy featuring Chantal Stafford Abbott by Leda & St.Jacques and styling by Anthony Mitropoulos for Elle Korea December 2011 via Mode


Jane Flanagan said...

Yes, January was tough for me too and strangely similar to yours, I feel. But maybe it was the shaking I needed. February is too soon for everything to turn around, but hopefully we can both chart that new course?

These photos, this post... utterly inspiring.

Jessica :: Delicatessen said...

I'm sorry to hear you experienced the same thing. It was definitely the reminder I needed to take a new direction rather than continue on the same road looking (really hoping) for change.

Thank you for your kind words as always.