Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Little Branch Workshop | I Went There

I totally wasn’t going to but here I am posting about a floral class I took this past Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, I went to a floral class on Super Bowl Day and I liked it.

I still made it in time to our friend’s house for the get together and better yet buzzed with excitement from this very first class of new set workshops by Los Angeles area floral designers, The Little Branch. My friend Kate from Floret Cadet brought this class to my attention and I'm so glad she did because it was pretty much awesome.

I had heard of The Little Branch before and really liked their work. The designers, Annie and Meg, starting these workshops after noting the lack of floral classes here in SoCal. Held in a cute studio located in Lincoln Heights complete with snacks and mimosas (hello!), the focus of the class was on garden-style arrangements using floral foam (an item I have to admit, I don’t use often). Kate did a great write-up of the class that you can read here. Note: If you have no idea what I look like, I’m the girl in a stripe sweater with the errant ponytail. Ha!

I do want to add few of my two cents. The flower selection for the class was not only fabulous but we were also able to get more if we felt an arrangement needed it. I totally understand the economics of why some floral instructors can be a little conservative when it comes to the ingredients but I do love that the flowers for the class where indeed for our use and therefore we were free to get more.

The studio space was ideal. Large, open, with lots of natural light, and if you’re like me and live near the 110, easily accessible and with lots of parking to boot.

These workshops will be monthly with a new topic each class. I love to take as many opportunities to learn new styles to broaden my range a bit. The next one is March 25th and I signed up for it at the class but you can also do so here too.

arrangement and photos by me


Jane Flanagan said...

These are amazing. So original and (as far as I know you) I feel your signature is all over them. Stunning work!

Miss Bibliophile said...

These are lovely (both the arrangements and the photos)!