Monday, April 9, 2012

April (A Week Late)

Natalia Vodianova by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott for Stella McCartney Spring / Summer 2012 via Noir Façade

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been completely discombobulated. Yesterday I harped over what exactly I would write about. What subject would I bring up after such a long and sporadic absence? Then I thought of all things that I had on my plate. The forest of flowers in our living room, the new boxes whose source I can’t pinpoint, the plant that Z has been bugging about for -- what 1 or 2 YEARS deconstructed on the coffee table, work -- day and upcoming weekends, along with heavier things. Then a little blurb popped into my head: Relax, relate, release.

I can’t take credit for that thought. It’s from one of my favorite shows of all time, A Different World (why isn’t this show available in a box set yet??!). I would have totally posted the clip here but alas, embedding is disabled. You can see (the not very good quality) clip here.

I tend to hold my emotions hostage -- at least certain ones. With things on up and up, the truth is, I wasn’t ready for any of it (can one ever really be?) and certainly not that it wasn't good, because it really is. Z has always said that plans are meaningless without a goal and so I have decided to use that in my quest for this month (hopefully from now on). Little stuff here and there to conquer slowly. Personally, I’m all about winning small battles. Isn’t that what usually wins the war?

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