Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carry On

Streamline Moderne by Patrick Cline and Art Direction by Michelle Adams for Lonny Magazine July / August 2011

At first it was all talk.

“If only we had another room.”

Then it became an excuse to drive around random neighborhoods.

“Can you imagine the traffic going home?”

For every great spot that opened, some swift party scooped it up. Any place that seemed too good to be true (nice outside after checking Google’s street view, amazing inside) Z would immediately check the LAPD Crime Map (the man swears by this thing) and found out why.

Last weekend while frolicking through California for my birthday we got the news that it was ours: new digs that we will be moving into in 2 weeks. It’s bigger than our current place and fit the criteria we had in mind. We can now grill any time at our place. I can take out that box of vases that has been housed in the trunk of my car (I wish that was a joke). My flowers won’t overtake the common areas. Z can finally file all of this papers in a file cabinet (yes, he is excited about this). And his poker games won’t involve as much (if any) furniture maneuvering.

No, we didn’t buy a house. We’re still renting. If there's one thing our search for a new place confirmed it's that we're not ready to set those kind of roots. Deciding on a (temporary) place to live was painful enough. Buying a home? That stuff is long term. It’s an environment. It’s where we would raise any future children. I can see why people can get so heartbroken when an offer doesn’t work out or get very picky (within reason) about the home they want to live in. So much is attached to purchasing a home. This is why we prefer renting. I like the nomadic lifestyle to it. The ability to try things out before making that big step.

While we are super excited and slightly bewildered with moving, I am already missing our neighborhood. I truly love it here. The only thing that would have made it absolutely perfect would be if it were near the beach (I am obsessed with living near water). Sadly, where we're moving isn't near any water either. At least we have the weekends (well more Z than me) and days off for that.

Farmstead Restoration by Emily Gilbert and styled by Meagan Camp for Rue Magazine May / June 2011

You know I am celebrating, right?

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