Tuesday, October 2, 2012

July, August, September, October

I know it's been long long time since I have written. Since I have shared. You would think that by my last post, my life ended after turning 30. Nope, but my summer seemed never-ending. At times I've felt that these last 4 months have bled into each other marked not by the passing from month to another but by a string of events (actually, that seems like a good thing).

Z and I moved and we're still trying to settle. Correction: I think he is set mostly. I am still trying to find my system or that rhythm that helps my day run smoother. I got around a bit and freelanced this summer. You learn a lot about yourself when you're working for others. I got into a car accident that totaled the car I had been driving for nearly year. The one I mentioned was on its last legs. Next I got a brand new car and enjoyed the new car scent for a while. I say a while because... After striking the second of the two weddings I did last month I was too tired to remove the debris from my vehicle so it just sat overnight in the back like a champ. Oh, and there was that one time I drove around looking for unlocked dumpsters to get rid of my floral trash--but that's another story.

Speaking of those weddings -- YES! It’s funny how doing flowers for someone else draws me deeper into this profession. I had two weddings in the ‘Bu (bonus points to anyone who gets the corny movie reference and, yes, I am childish some times) and I loved it. Well, I would have to love it because despite the pretty final product that most people are used to seeing this work is not for the faint of heart. There were long hours involved; very early mornings; close calls; Bloc Party, The Postal Service, Skrillex(???? granted I do have a grip of old Ministry of Sound cds lying around) Pandora stations; and coffee and homemade chais (the latter I will probably never buy it from a coffee shop again since it's so much cheaper to make it at home).

Now that everything is slowing down I feel like I can catch up on everything else. Like: picking up the leftover pieces and really settling into our new home; getting my studio up and running; getting my flowering for me on. This summer has confirmed how important it is to flower for myself. This isn't about keeping busy or clearing things up for the next spate of hustle. This is about allowing myself to truly appreciate what is going on around me. I just want to be cognizant of it all.
(This image is boss.)
Ngo Thanh Van by Zhang Jingna; styling by Phuong My for Harper's Bazaar Vietnam September 2012 via FGR

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