Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oh here she is... Ellamah is basically the new home of my floral adventures. (No worries this blog won’t be completely flower-less cause that would be sad).

You can follow along here: http://www.ellamahblog.com/

I'm a Flirt.

R. Kelly strikes again! I always find myself singing or suspiciously dancing to one of his songs in my head. Yes, I am (undercover) R. Kelly fan despite...everything.

And here is a sample of an arrangement I will be posting later... on my other blog.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Chronicles

Remember when I wrote that changes were in the midst, then I promptly fell off the face of the Earth (albeit with occasional drop-ins here and there)? Well now I can say for fact it’s happened: I've started my own floral venture.

Illustration and Design by the amazing Molly Jacques; more on that later

I’m going to be real honest with you: It wasn’t suppose to happen this year. I had a plan in my head of how it would all fall into place--but, time and time again, I’m reminded that plans can mean very little. Earlier this year I mentioned my bouts with shyness (which is often a surprise when I tell people) and I have truly been working on it... And it has paid off. I have met some amazing floral designers this year, whose work I have admired from afar. Whose words, their advice, their honesty, their openness have been instrumental in my development as a florist. I even got to participate in something that would have never ever entered my wildest dreams (not kidding about that). I'm a firm believer in working with other florists, colleagues that one can learn a new perspective from, bounce ideas off of, call for help, and sometimes just plain vent to because honestly they are the only ones who would get it. I can't wait until this summer as I continue to build these new relationships. You can't know everything about floral design, you're always in a position to learn something new. Nothing in life is constant, it's a work in progress and it's certainly not easy but I love it. Remember that.

For months I have grappled with how to work this new chapter into this little blog. I don’t want to abandon it. I’ve been posting here since I didn’t know a darn thing about floral design. This blog helped plant the seed that grew to what I'm doing today, and without it none of what I'm doing now would have been possible. However, I do want to have a separate place to showcase my new venture. With that in mind, I will reveal the new site sometime soon with a new arrangement to boot. I also plan on transferring most if not all of my floral related stuff on there. I like sharing my love of fashion editorials, my wants (it strangely helps my wallet) and anything else that ruffles my feathers (in the absolute best way possible). We shall see what happens.

Until then, if you need some flowers for your wedding and you’re in the Los Angeles area you can ring my bell.