I began this blog to document the planning of my wedding. Now--with a few hiccups and a bit of confusion along the way--this blog has grown into a safe place where I can muse, covet, reflect, dream and live out loud.

Confession: I’ve never been a fan of writing about myself. I’ve always found it hard to express who I am, a person I know is still a work in progress. Well, this is my first, honest attempt.

My name is Jessica and like many of the same name I was born in the early ‘80s. I’m a NorCal girl who now lives 10 minutes outside of Los Angeles, in a city/town/suburb that looks, to me, like it was kidnapped from the east coast. During the week I can be found working a day job that allows me to pay the bills, live a little and devote the bulk of my energy and passion for the weekend--where I work behind the scenes at weddings assisting a floral designer. Flowers are my passion, with all their abundant variety, wily temperament, and natural beauty that rocks my socks.

If you have a question, an issue, or just want to holler, I can be reached at: thedelicateblog at gmail dot com. I don’t bite. Promise.